When you choose to give monthly, your donation becomes an investment that helps beneficiaries for a longer period. Making a donation on Give Foundation is very easy. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click here to go to www.giveindia.org 

  2. On the top right hand corner of the page, choose Donate => Monthly Giving

  3. You can select the cause of your choice from the various causes present on the top of the page

  4. Click on the cause you would like to donate

  5. Select a program from the different programs present on our website

  6. Select the number of units that you want to support by selecting the amount that is shown on the program.

  7. Click on the ‘give now’ button on the program page

  8. Please fill in the registration details to create an account or use your Google/FB account

  9. Once done, please click on 'Pay'

  10. You can pay using your preferred mode of payment. 

You will receive your donation receipt as soon as you finish the transaction. Your subsequent donation amounts will be charged to your card in a 30-day cycle.