Yes. You may choose to support as many programs as you wish to. Please note that one transaction is for one program only. If you would like to donate to multiple programs, there would be multiple transactions corresponding to programs you wish to donate to.

Follow the below steps to support a program: 

  1. Click here to go to 

  2. On the top right hand corner of the page, choose Donate => Monthly Giving

  3. Select  the cause of your choice and choose a program from the programs listed under your selected cause

  4. Select the number of units you would want to support 

  5. Click on the ‘give now’ button to proceed with your contribution 

  6. Fill in the registration details to create an account or use your Google/FB account to login

  7. Click on 'Pay’. Choose your preferred mode of payment and proceed with making the payment. 


These steps would have to be followed to create another subscription for another program. The details of the programs that you support can be viewed on the ‘Your Profile’ page.