A passport is required to identify the source of the transfer, when it is a foreign route, by the bank. This could be due to the donor's account being a foreign account (NRI, OCI, etc). Therefore, to accept the credit of donations of such nature into our account, our bank requires us to submit the proof of the donor's citizenship.


The platform accepts donations in INR and USD. While the donor gets to see donation options in their home currency (based on the IP address of their location), the currency they need to pay is ultimately decided by choice of tax exemption made by the donor while filling the donor details. The payout currency leads to the intended segregation. 


  • An Indian citizen, including those based abroad having a valid Indian passport, wanting to avail the 80G tax exemption will be contributing in INR using multiple Indian payment methods, inclusive of the international credit cards

  • A US tax-payer, wanting to avail the 501(c)(3) tax exemption and citizens of any other country not discussed thus far shall be making their contributions in USD


Therefore, in order to ascertain the above, passport details are required. 


Here, we assure you that the details and documents shall be handled securely and only to be furnished as proof to our bank.